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The world has come from afar. Revolution has been taking place from century to century, decade to decade, and year to year.

Well, as the revolution takes its space, it is transforming the way people do things.  A decade ago, content writing used to be the king online. If you had an opportunity to consult a marketing expert, the first thing they would tell you is: for high conversion and sales, ensure you post quality content. Later, adding photos and SEO optimization became necessities for anyone seeking to thrive online.

Today, explainer videos are now taking the central position in the virtual marketplace. But is the video marketing and explainers the future of any business or just a form of a bubble.

Will it come and go? Here are 4 reasons why explainer videos are a good idea on your site in 2018 and beyond:

Visitors are seeking for ease to consume information

Right, unlike in the past, customers are no longer making purchase decisions based on their feelings alone. The literacy level is up. Before a customer purchases from you, they must inquire about the value they will get from your products. No customer will buy a product that cannot offer a suitable and lasting solution to their issue.

While this is the fact, the rule of today’s game is: easy to consume and understand. The customers want to make a buying decision within a short duration. As such, even if you have the right and informative 1000 words articles and blog posts, it is likely that a good percentage will bypass it. Hence, to remain in the market, you need a way of aligning your message with prospects desires. At this point, an explainer video production can help you to achieve the goal.

Videos enhance real-time engagement

Engagement is a crucial virtual in your business. But this term does not mean engaging with your spouse. Aha! The way you interact with your prospects can predict their course of action. Even though copywriting has some form of engagement, it does not provide a real-time one. As you go through the content, you feel like a ghost is speaking to you. You have the message, but you cannot see the non-verbal aspects of the narrator.

For this reason, only a few readers take action. In contrary, an explainer video offers an opportunity for one-on-one engagement. The viewers can see the narrator or character acting. If the character says something funny, they smile with them. Thus, the audience gets a brief and influential entertainment. By this, the next thing they will do is to do as advised in the video. And this is the reason for high conversion rates from videos. Will you miss out?

The cost of video production is relatively low

Can you recall the time when casting a video was like winning gold in IAAF World Championship? The time when people put their hats off and stood up for a person owning a video camera. Well, if you could engage a videographer in your functions, every person would want to appear on the camera. Affordability was a big deal. But today, things are no longer the same.

With technological revolution, you can now do your videos using your mobile device. Even the cheapest smartphone, does not miss a video camera. As people get used to consuming video-based information, it is becoming a trend in every arena. Hence, explainer videos are affordable and having them on your website puts it in line with the modern trend.
And that’s why explainer videos are the way to go in 2018 and beyond.

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