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Although it’s necessary for getting a website on the Internet, web hosting often doesn’t register on the minds of prospective online entrepreneurs. The main focus when you build a website is, generally, on the aesthetics, content, and functionality – a riddle which can take weeks or even months to solve. Whereas settling on a web hosting service is typically done after one or two searches on Google.

This can be problematic.

The backbone of any website is its reliability. And this is all down to the web host. Pick a dud hosting provider, one where dependability is erratic, and this will negatively affect your site. In particular, it will be a detriment towards your SEO efforts and revenue streams. Here’s why:

Speed and uptime

The faster a webpage loads, the more likely a customer will stay and browse your website. As speed and responsiveness are so imperative, you need to ensure two things about a prospective web host: Their reputation for assuring a website is quick at all times. And their ability to scale up if an upgrade is in order.

Linking to speed is uptime. Even if your website is lightning fast, this will mean nothing if it is constantly down. And a website suffering from frequent downtime will cripple its SEO performance. This is because the search engines can investigate a site several times each day. If this happens when a site is offline, it’s going to receive the unwanted distinction of being unreliable. And an unreliable site will be downgraded in the search rankings as a result. This is why it’s vital to choose a highly regarded and dependable web host.

Server location

When it comes to server location, this aspect can be an oversight when choosing a web hosting service. Yet the location can have a significant impact on speed. Large providers will have multiple servers around the world to choose from. Others only have the resources to supply from one location. If you have a general idea about your audience’s location, it’s best to have a server based in that area. If visitors are mainly from the UK for example, you don’t want a server located in Australia.

However, if you operate a large site, it’s important to find a host that implements a Content Delivery Network, aka a CDN. This is a network where geographically-distributed servers arrange content/web pages based on a visitor’s geographic location. The result is easier access and faster performance for high-traffic websites.


If cybercriminals and hackers gain access to your website, it’s time to wave goodbye to any revenue streams you’ve built. This is why it is critical your web host of choice possesses the best security measures to protect your site. They need to be distributing the best, most up-to-date antivirus software to detect and combat against any malicious code. On top of this, the host needs to provide regular backups of your data and a powerful policy against distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS). The latter guarantees the hosting system is accessible without fail, even if a cyber attack occurs.

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