The Difference between Explainer videos vs Written Information is Vital

//The Difference between Explainer videos vs Written Information is Vital

The Difference between Explainer videos vs Written Information is Vital

Are you thinking about the best way to promote your business to customers? People nowadays know that going online and promoting your brand and business there is the way to go, but the struggle still remains: should you use written text to give information, or should you use explainer videos? Making the right decision can be difficult and it can really affect your business, which is why in this article we are going to make your decision a bit easier by talking about these two mediums.

Written information

If you want to go the old traditional way, then written text is definitely the way to go. A lot of people still love to read and prefer to get information that way and it is usually a lot cheaper to get something written up then it is to make a video. Text is also a great way for you to go into a product in depth and really explain every single detail about it. However, that it pretty much where the benefits end. Yes, you may not be spending a lot of money, but you are also risking that people won’t spend the time it takes to read through the text or that they simply won’t understand it. And while a lot of people still like to read information, most of them simply prefer to get their information in a much simpler and more concise way that requires a lot less work on their part.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are short, concise videos that are the perfect tool to use when you want to explain something that is complicated. We say this because explaining complicated things in a way that is fun for the audience is definitely the best way to get them to actually pay attention to what you are saying. Probably the greatest thing about explainers is that they are in video form, and going off what we said about people not wanting to do any work in order to obtain the information, giving them the information in video is the perfect way to get them to take it in. There are also different types of explainers to choose from which means that there is a video for you out there regardless of the topic that you want to tackle or the product that you want to present. If there is one disadvantage to using explainers, it is probably the fact that they will cost you money. Depending on the type and on the complexity of the video itself, the price will definitely vary, but you will be paying some kind of price no matter what. They also take a lot longer to make than it takes to write a text, so that is also something that you should keep in mind.

As you can see, the pros that come from written text are the cons to explainer videos and vice versa, and that is probably why people get stuck. Whether you prefer the benefits that you can get from explainers or the benefits that written information will bring you it is completely up to you, and if you still can’t make a decision the good thing is that you can simply use both for maximum effect.